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We are experts in researching and finding the most reliable manufacturers for your products, included to offer your new product development in China, we do not charge for this service.

In the present era, clients can use several ways can try to find manufacturers in China for your products, like through Chinese e-Commerce website, on Google and trade shows.

Sometimes It is good through those ways, you can have many suppliers for options, but

when you need to purchase many different products for your each time business, this will take up a lot of your time, and you don’t have enough energy to visit each supplier face by face. In additional, China still has many good factories that they only have Chinese website and no English salesman, and they are not expertise in export business, they like working with agent.

The most fraught thing that it will greatly increase your risk and workload, because you need to talk to many new suppliers when each time to find your product, sometimes you will not easy filter and judge which supplier is reliable to you.

When you have a qualified China sourcing agent on the ground in China, then you only need to talk to an one person enough, pass all your works to your agent that you are not good at, and you don’t worry when your money was sent to the vendor disappeared.

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