M-inuo Co., Limited is a sourcing company was founded by Mickey Wang in Dec. 2017, and registered in Hong Kong, office in China mainland Ningbo city can offer all clients.

The founder (Mickey Wang) has over 10 years of sourcing experience serves for SBS UK company, by past 10 years of sourcing career each project to Mr. Mickey Wang was a challenging, and he deep feeling this can be same challenging for many overseas customers whom want import from China. These challenging can be:

The factory they don’t really understand well your enquiry;

The factory they ask too many questions about on your enquiry that nothing help;

The factory maybe friendly to you maybe not;

The factory they don’t communicate well and not easy follow their quotation sheet, etc…

The past 10 years Mr. Mickey Wang has managed a number of supplies, familiar with numerous product area, and made many business to succeed. He saw the opportunity to offer people whom want import from China a service removes all the pitfalls and risks from the entire process of sourcing product.

We aim to offer best service to help clients reducing costs , increasing profit and time efficiency. We longing for each client can through us this bridge to get best purchasing experience from China.

We welcome your any questions and enquiries, please contact us sales@m-inuo.com

Founder & Managing Director