M-INUO Laser Welded Diamond Saw Blade

Concrete & Asphalt Blades are M-INUO professional contractor blades, which is the greatest quality and can be completely dry use under no water supply condition, they are made by Germany Dr. Fritsch laser welding machine, the Germany Dr. Fritsch laser welding machine provides the constant high quality of the saw blades due to precise positioning of the segments and higher strength of the welding seam due to intelligent measuing methods, and quick-change system for clamping of the steel centers and segment adjustment provide greater flexibility with all batch sizes.  


The diamond segments which also made by the Germany Dr. Fritsch KPV 218 machine which the machine can automatic process for the volumetric cold pressing of segments, high productivity combined with constant high quality of segments, due to intelligent process control, and automatic rejection of defective segments, all these ensure our saw blades are working in good condition.   Here’s the video link to find out how our laser welded diamond saw blade are making; http://www.m-inuo.com/Video.shtml